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METRO Q-MANAGER MS: MQM2215 Metro Q-Manager IS freestanding or floor-fixed miled steel stanchions with various 2m tapes and fitting options. A 360 degree rotating tape head is also available to allow for constantly changing queuing configurations. Dimensions: Stanchion height; 1000 mm | Post diameter; 63 mm | Base diameter; 320 mm | Tape length; 2 meter | Height 900 mm | Weight 6.0 kg

Parking Pole

Parking Pole: PP-2216 4 way Ring to make it easy to hang hook ends Red Valvet Rope Height : 1000mm Post diameter: 63 mm Base diameter: 320 mm | Ball Head Barrier With SS Chain 1.5 meter 4 mm Chain | Ball Set of 2 Balls | Ring Set Of 2 Rings | Pole Set of Bases (300 mm dia, 19 mm Thick) With SS) cover & bottom with rubberized cover